Not Ready to Buy a House in Tiffin, OH?

Not Ready to Buy a House in Tiffin, OH?

Let Jan Betz Real Estate help you find your next rental property

We rent single- and multi-family homes and apartments. We’ll work closely with you to determine your needs and budget to help you find the best rental property for you. You can count on Jan Betz Real Estate to find you a place where you’ll be proud to hang your hat at night.

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Not sure about renting?

A lot of people may think it’s better to own your own property. But renting has numerous perks, like:

No responsibility for maintenance or repairs – If the toilet backs up or a pipe bursts, it’s your landlord’s problem, not yours.
Easier relocating – Not only is relocating easier if you need to move for work, but it could also be less time-consuming and cheaper than if you owned your own property.
No exposure to the real estate market – Homeowners have to worry about fluctuating values in response to changing economic conditions, but renters don’t.
Less demanding credit requirements – As long as your credit report doesn’t include bankruptcies and judgments, you can find a landlord who will be happy to rent you.
Inclusion of utilities -- Homeowners have to pay full cost for utilities, but renters could have even non-essentials like cable service covered.

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